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New HCC Transport Plan

NEW Transport Plan for Hampshire

The Local Transport Plan sets objectives, policies and strategy.

A Review of the Plan needs to consider the changing context of new technologies, the pandemic and increased focus on active lifestyles, plus the challenges of climate change.

It is short, maybe about 15 minutes to complete, open until 28 February:
‘You are invited to influence the development of the emerging:
Vision: What will our transport system look like in 2050?
Outcomes: What are we trying to achieve in terms of climate change, economy, the environment and society?
Guiding Principles: How we will change the way in which we plan and Deliver transport?’

Example of question...
‘Given limited funding, which of the following measures should be prioritised?
• Seeking measures, such as low traffic neighbourhoods, to remove through-traffic from local centres
• Implementing plans to better manage / rationalise logistics and delivery and impacts on local communities
• Safer traffic speeds, with more widespread introduction of lower speed limits where appropriate
• Providing more support through education and training, particularly targeted at more vulnerable users such as children and older people.’